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Dr Neubauer Killer Table Tennis Rubber

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Introducing the game-changer in offensive pimple-out rubbers, the Dr Neubauer Killer Table Tennis Rubber. This revolutionary rubber combines the best features of short and medium pimpled rubbers, offering exceptional attacking possibilities for a modern pimple-out game close to the table.

With its disruptive effect and low bounce, Killer stands out from other short pimple rubbers. It excels in fast counter-attacking and powerful hitting, while providing excellent control and a remarkable ability to handle oncoming rotation. Thin sponge options enable drop shots and chop-blocking against topspin, making it versatile for both chopping and attacking styles of play.

The Killer rubber is available in various sponge thicknesses (1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, and MAX), allowing players to customize their experience. With its outstanding speed (94), impressive effect (80), and exceptional control (94), this rubber is a must-have for short and halflong pimple players.

Experience the game-changing performance of the Dr Neubauer Killer Table Tennis Rubber and elevate your play to new heights.