JOOLA Challenger Carbon Table Tennis Blade

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Introducing the JOOLA Challenger Carbon Table Tennis Blade – the perfect weapon for developing offensive players. Crafted with a 5+2 ply construction, this blade is designed to deliver exceptional speed and a hard touch, making it ideal for players who crave power on the table.

The two 3K-C layers lining the core expand the sweet spot, ensuring consistent ball response. The stiffness of the carbon fiber weave generates incredible speed, while the soft Ayous outer veneers provide control and a pleasant touch. Lightweight and fast, this blade is a must-have for players looking to take their game to the next level. With the JOOLA Challenger Carbon, you'll dominate the competition with precision and agility.

Performance Ratings: Speed: 8 Control: 5 Accuracy: 5 Hardness: 9 Flex: 3

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