Sanwei J Accumulator Table Tennis blade

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Introducing the Sanwei J Accumulator Table Tennis blade - the ultimate weapon for table tennis enthusiasts. Crafted with a 5-ply pure wood structure of KoTo, Spruce, and Kiri Core, this blade is designed to deliver unrivaled control and a devastating strike.

The AQJ, part of the SANWEI Training series, has undergone rigorous testing by professional athletes to ensure top-notch performance. With Spruce as its primary wood material, the Accumulator J is not only affordable but also perfect for training, enhancing control, speed, and spin. It empowers you with the confidence to counterattack with precision.

Weighing in at approximately 75g and boasting a thickness of around 7mm, this blade offers exceptional stability and control. Its impressive speed and accuracy will leave opponents stunned as you effortlessly execute counterattacks. The best-in-class 5-ply all wood construction further enhances its versatility, making it the go-to choice for players seeking an exceptional all-round table tennis blade.

Elevate your game with the Sanwei J Accumulator Table Tennis blade - your ticket to dominating the table.