Stiga Clipper CR Cybershape Table Tennis Blade

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The STIGA Clipper Cybershape is an updated classic that has been widely popular among top players since its debut in 1981 due to its exceptional speed. Developed in collaboration with the Chinese national team, this offensive classic with 7 layers of exclusive wood and the renowned STIGA feel is now available in a new version featuring the unique Cybershape design.

Key Features and Advantages
- The Cybershape design offers a larger, optimal hitting surface and a higher center of gravity on the blade, providing a bigger sweet spot higher up on the blade, resulting in more powerful shots without compromising control.
- Recognized for its speed and utilized by numerous top players, the Clipper Cybershape is ideal for experienced players seeking additional "Touch" in every shot.

The STIGA Clipper Cybershape is an excellent choice for players seeking a blade that delivers more power in each shot while maintaining control and is a true STIGA classic with the unique Cybershape design.