Stiga Cybershape Carbon Table Tennis Blade

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Presenting the Cybershape Carbon table tennis blade - an innovative offensive blade featuring a patented and design-protected shape, engineered to optimize the hitting area for enhanced performance.

Approved for all competitive levels, the Cybershape Carbon blade has undergone rigorous testing in collaboration with KTH, revealing a larger sweet spot positioned higher up on the blade compared to standard shapes. This design attribute translates to increased power in strokes without compromising ball control.

Utilizing CCF (Close Core Fibre) technology, the blade integrates a carbon fiber layer atop the wood core, offering a softer touch and improved control. Its unique shape allows players to easily manipulate the bat angle for precise spin when serving.

With a specified weight of 85 +/- 5 g, the Cybershape Carbon blade ensures consistency across all units. Its revolutionary design, backed by advanced German-made carbon fiber composite, provides optimal control and speed without adding extra weight.

The enlarged hitting area, especially prominent on the top half of the blade, enhances the sweet spot, facilitating better control over short serves and returns. Additionally, the blade's reduced bottom area prevents imbalance while maintaining maneuverability.

Tested in collaboration with KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Cybershape exhibits superior vibration properties, delivering a unique feel during play. Its linear frequency response ensures efficient transmission of vibrations to the handle and hand, further enhancing the player's experience.

With a control rating of 45 and an impressive speed rating of 145, the Cybershape Carbon blade offers unparalleled performance, making it the ultimate choice for players seeking power and precision on the table.