Stiga DNA Hybrid M Table Tennis Rubber

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The Stiga DNA Hybrid M Table Tennis Rubber is meticulously designed and optimized for table tennis players with an all-round/offensive playing style, who have exacting standards and expect top-quality materials.

Key Features and Benefits
- Medium-Hard Sponge: The DNA Hybrid M offers a perfect balance between control and speed, enabling players to win duels more easily with a third ball attack or play defensively with ample spin.
- Optimized for ABS Balls: This rubber's unique semi-sticky surface allows players to effortlessly generate maximum ball rotation, providing superior grip and spin, resulting in exceptional control from the opening to counter loops.
- Advanced Technology: The integration of STIGA’s PSC (Power Sponge Cells) technology and H-Touch Tensor technology produces a longer ball trajectory and a more aggressive arc during loop play, enhancing the contact between the rubber and the blade for satisfyingly crisp strokes .
- Collaborative Expertise: Developed in collaboration with top Chinese, Japanese, and Swedish players, this German-made rubber embodies expertise from around the world

- H-Touch Tensor technology provides a unique rubber with a sponge hardness of 47.5 degrees
- DNA Hybrid M = Medium – A perfect balance between control and speed
- The table tennis rubber has a semi-sticky surface for maximum rotation
- Optimized surface grip for increased spin capacity and a longer ball trajectory
- Power Sponge Cells deliver maximum catapult effect and optimal power

Elevate your table tennis game with the Stiga DNA Hybrid M Table Tennis Rubber, designed to meet the demands of all-round/offensive players seeking superior performance.