Stiga Symmetry Table Tennis Rubber

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Introducing the Stiga Symmetry Table Tennis Rubber - the ultimate weapon for your game! Specially adapted and developed for the ABS-ball, this short pimple rubber is designed to take your attacking skills to new heights. With its built-in speed glue effect, you'll experience unparalleled speed and outstanding spin possibilities.

Made in Japan, the Symmetry features a revolutionary offensive pimple design that not only generates topspin but also allows for effective blocks and counterattacking strokes. Its elastic sponge ensures optimal control, while the rubber's impressive speed and spin ratings of 120 and 115 respectively guarantee an unbeatable performance on the table.

Trust in Stiga's expertise and elevate your game with the Symmetry Table Tennis Rubber. Get ready for a whole new level of precision, power, and domination on the court. Are you ready to unleash your true potential?