Tibhar Game Table Tennis Rubber

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Introducing the Tibhar Game Table Tennis Rubber, the perfect choice for ambitious beginners and recreational players. Made in Germany, this rubber is designed to enhance your game and bring maximum fun to every match.

Featuring a soft, non-slip top sheet and a soft sponge, the Tibhar Game rubber offers excellent control and allows for easily controllable counterattacks, blocks, and topspin games. Its balanced combination of speed, control, and spin ensures that you can confidently execute your shots with precision.

With six vibrant color options including red, black, green, blue, violet, and pink, you can customize your racket to reflect your unique style on the table tennis court.

Experience the quality and performance of Tibhar Game Table Tennis Rubber and elevate your game to new heights. Get ready for thrilling rallies and unforgettable moments of gameplay with this exceptional rubber.

SPEED - 100
SPIN - 100
HARDNESS - 32.5°