Tibhar GRASS D.TECS Table Tennis Rubber

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Enhance your table tennis game with the Tibhar GRASS D.TECS Table Tennis Rubber. This revolutionary rubber combines the cutting-edge D.TecS technology with the classic Grass, delivering unmatched versatility for both chop and chop block shots. The unique tension of the rubber surface and sponge enhances the elasticity of the pimples, generating incredible backspin that will leave your opponents in awe.

With excellent control and just the right amount of speed, this rubber allows you to effectively counter your opponent's disturbing, attacking shots. The 47.5° hardness ensures a perfect balance between responsiveness and durability.

Experience the power of precision with the Tibhar GRASS D.TECS Table Tennis Rubber. Elevate your defensive game to new heights and dominate the table with unrivaled spin. Add this game-changing rubber to your arsenal today and enjoy an unparalleled playing experience.