Tibhar MK Crypto Carbon Table Tennis Blade

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Introducing the Tibhar MK Crypto Carbon Table Tennis Blade – the ultimate fusion of power and precision. Crafted with a unique carbon structure comprising two layers of crypto-carbon fabric, this blade offers an unparalleled playing experience.

By carefully selecting veneers and incorporating the extended ball/sweet spot contact, you'll enjoy enhanced control without sacrificing the power that carbon blades provide. Japanese craftsmanship is evident in every fiber of this blade, as Kenta Matsudaira personally oversaw its development to meet his exacting standards.

With a speed rating of 9 and a control rating of 7+, this blade effortlessly combines offensive capabilities with strategic play. Weighing in at 85g, it strikes the perfect balance between agility and stability. The 5+2 plies design ensures optimal performance for your game.

Choose the Tibhar MK Crypto Carbon Table Tennis Blade and elevate your gameplay to new heights. Dominate the table like never before and experience the precision and power that only this blade can offer. Order yours today and unleash your full potential on the court.

WEIGHT - 85g
PILES - 5 + 2