Victas Ventus Limber Table Tennis Rubber

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The Victas Ventus Limber rubber is known for its versatility, striking a perfect balance between power and control, catering to players of all skill levels.

Highlighted Features:

1. Open-Pore Medium Sponge: The Ventus Limber boasts an open-pore medium sponge, offering optimal bounce and control for various playing styles, including mid-distance topspin attacks, spin loops, and close-to-the-table blocking.

2. Optimized Rotation Concept: Featuring a 40° sponge and the innovative "Optimized Rotation Concept," this rubber facilitates extended ball contact, enabling players to exert pressure on opponents with diverse spin variations.

3. High Precision: The Ventus Limber ensures a satisfyingly precise playing experience, fostering limitless creativity on the table. Its superior control capabilities make it particularly suitable for players with limited training time.


- 40° sponge
- Open-pore medium sponge
- Optimized Rotation Concept