XIOM OMEGA VII EURO Table Tennis Rubber

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Introducing the XIOM OMEGA VII EURO Table Tennis Rubber, a premium-grade rubber engineered for dynamic rally play. Crafted with a pimple-in design and featuring a black sponge construction, this rubber offers exceptional precision and control, enabling effortless attacking from any position on the table.

Boasting an impressive spin rating of 9.0 and a speed rating of 8.9, the XIOM OMEGA VII EURO delivers formidable spins and swift shots, keeping opponents constantly challenged. The low-hardness sponge extends the control area, instilling confidence for executing accurate shots with finesse.

Setting a new standard is the groundbreaking ELASTO FUTURA technology. Developed through an innovative AI approach, it merges CYCLOID, DYNAMIC FRICTION, and CARBO SPONGE technologies to elevate performance. The outcome is an optimal blend of speed and control, empowering you to assert dominance on the court effortlessly.

Opt for the XIOM OMEGA VII EURO Table Tennis Rubber for unmatched performance and propel your game to unprecedented levels. Available in both red and black color variants.