XIOM OMEGA VII PRO Table Tennis Rubber

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Introducing the XIOM OMEGA VII PRO Table Tennis Rubber, the ultimate choice for serious players seeking a winning edge. Designed with precision and balance in mind, this high-end rubber offers exceptional rotation, speed, and power. Trusted by national team players, it empowers you to confidently handle the ball in any situation.

With a spin rating of 8.7, speed rating of 9.5, and precision rating of 9.0, this rubber delivers unmatched performance on the table. The 47.5 hardness ensures optimal control, while the maximum thickness provides enhanced power and stability. Available in both red and black, you can choose the color that suits your style.

Powered by ELASTO FUTURA technology, this rubber represents a new generation of innovation. The CYCLOID development platform utilizes deep learning techniques to create a rubber that excels in offense and defense. Meanwhile, DYNAMIC FRICTION technology enhances spin potential, allowing for aggressive shots even with unpredictable hits.

Upgrade your game with the XIOM OMEGA VII PRO Table Tennis Rubber – the choice of champions.