Xiom Seamless 3 Star Balls Pack of 6

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Xiom Seamless Balls Pack of 6

Elevate your game with the Xiom Seamless 3 Star Balls Pack of 6. These ITTF-approved, seamless ABS competition balls are crafted using advanced injection molding techniques, ensuring no joint defects and superior durability. Perfect for serious players seeking consistent bounce and enhanced performance. Available in white and made from high-quality plastic, these table tennis balls offer exceptional cost-effectiveness and reliability. Trust Xiom for unmatched quality and innovation.

Key Features:

  • ITTF approved for professional play
  • Seamless design eliminates joint defects
  • High durability with consistent performance

Upgrade your play with the best in class – order your Xiom Seamless 3 star Balls Pack of 6 today!