Xiom VEGA Intro Table Tennis Rubber

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Xiom VEGA Intro is the perfect rubber for those players looking for an affordable and high-quality option. It is a pimple in and cream sponge design, this tensor rubber provides excellent control for players. While it does possess a glue effect for fast shots, the main emphasis is on control. It allows for precise placement of loops while maintaining good speed and spin, making it an ideal choice for ALL+ style players. Built to last, this durable rubber features a solid sponge and high friction top sheet, enhancing the user's sense of impact and ability. With a spin rating of 7.5, speed rating of 7.3, and precision rating of 8.5, it offers a well-rounded performance. The rubber has a hardness of 47.5 and is available in thicknesses of 2.0 or MAX.