Yasaka Phantom 0012 Table Tennis Rubber

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Intimidate your opponents with the deadly spin of the Yasaka Phantom 0012 Table Tennis Rubber. This revolutionary long pimples rubber gives you the weapons you need for impenetrable defense and lightning-fast offense.

Key Features:

  • Pimples designed for maximum spin and speed
  • Perfect balance of defensive and offensive play
  • Builds on the legendary Phantom series for superior performance

Specifically engineered off of the predecessor Phantom series rubbers, the Yasaka Phantom 0012 takes your game to the next level. The specialized pimples grab and catapult the ball off your paddle, injecting devastating topspin for aggressive offense. On defense, the long pimples grip the ball to effortlessly redirect your opponent's most powerful smashes.

Whether you favor control or aggression, this rubber optimizes your strengths. Defensive players will find new potential for threat in their backhand. Offensive players gain stability for closer-to-the-table quick exchanges. Smash, chop, and spin your way to victory with the versatile Yasaka Phantom 0012.