Yinhe T-9 Touch

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Yinhe T-9 Balsa table tennis blade T9

This blade is basically a T-11, but with carbon on only one side, with the expectation to use long-pips on the non-carbon side. This way there is a fast attack side and a slow chopping side.
Blade comes with a black sheet of YinHe Neptune OX rubber. not attached yet
Yinhe T9 Suitable for long pips. Attached with long pips on the other side.
Galaxy T-9 is a two speed type blade. It has a balsa core and has a carbon layer on the fast side. The slow side is for chopping. T-9 is ideal for players who prefer the feeling and the control of the balsa cored blades and the fast attack of blades like T-11+.The T9 has a bigger handle because of the thicker balsa blade
Yinhe blades made by blade-maker expert, Mr Han GuoHua
Combining the best characteristics of famous European and Asian blades
Yinhe blades are strictly treated with high temperature and use hi-tech manufacturing processes.