Yinhe T-9 Balsa Table Tennis Blade

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Yinhe T-9 Balsa table tennis blade, also known as T9, is a variation of the T-11, featuring carbon on only one side. This design allows for the use of long-pips on the non-carbon side, creating a dual-purpose blade with a fast attack side and a slower chopping side.

The blade is accompanied by an unattached black sheet of YinHe Neptune OX rubber, providing versatility for customization. Specifically suitable for long pips, the T9 can be affixed with long pips on the opposite side, catering to players with diverse playing styles.

As a two-speed type blade, the Galaxy T-9 incorporates a balsa core with a carbon layer on the fast side, while the slow side is designed for effective chopping. This configuration makes it an ideal choice for players who appreciate the control and feel of balsa cored blades, coupled with the fast attacking capabilities reminiscent of blades like the T-11+.

Noteworthy is the T9's larger handle, a result of the thicker balsa blade, ensuring a comfortable grip during play. Crafted under the expertise of blade-maker Mr. Han GuoHua, Yinhe blades are a fusion of the best characteristics from renowned European and Asian blades. The manufacturing process involves strict treatment with high temperature and cutting-edge technology, contributing to the overall quality and performance of Yinhe blades